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According to the 2015 Global Burden of Disease study (GBD 2015), 163.1 out of every 100,000 deaths in China are attributable to air pollution. According to statistics from the China National Interior Decoration Association, 111,000 Chinese people die of indoor air pollution every year. In December 2005, the Chinese Red Cross Foundation released data showing that half of the 4 million leukemia patients in China were children! Nearly 90% of these children lived in households that had lately undergone decoration work.
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Future market demand

96.25% of habitable rooms in China have air pollution problems, and 89.56% of people hope to improve indoor air quality. The potential demand for fresh air equipment in the Chinese household market is at least 168 million units, and the potential scale of consumption in this market is up to CNY 1.7 trillion.

Are you still selling traditional fresh air systems?

  • Poor purification effects
  • Heavy engineering workload, unavoidable damage to building structures
  • Secondary pollution, breeding of bacteria in pipes
  • Short service life of filter screens

Are you still selling traditional fresh air systems?

  • You can’t open the windows, and so the air indoor is muggy.
  • No fresh air and no sufficient oxygen.
  • Ozone can be generated easily, and germs can be spread around easily.
  • Short service life of filter screens
Fresh air purification will replace traditional air purification.

MR.FUTURE ® resolves indoor air quality issues for Chinese households.
It removes formaldehyde in spring and summer and removes haze in autumn and winter. It’s useful all the year around.
It’s the best fresh air purification solution for newly decorated homes.

The device conforms with aesthetic home design and is elegant and customizable.

Independent mould ensures market uniqueness.

pipeless fresh air purification machine


Designed for large-space air purification
Large-airflow pipeless fresh air purification machine


With a uni-body of aluminum magnesium alloy
Upgradable fresh air system to meet various purposes


Laser PM2.5 detector
Stinging user senses artifact
Market penetration of the sharp knife
Fast shipping back the trump card


Future Cloud Control System (FCS)
Remote control Remote upgrade Protection against channel conflict
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Sales experience, mature and effective
Regional agent: Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang is from Hebei Province, China and has years of business experience in the architectural material industry. By virtue of his brilliant business savvy, he set his sight on the fresh air purification industry.

Right after he decided to make this industrial transition, he began to look for new projects. Having accumulated abundant experience in the architectural material industry, he didn’t rush to select a brand. Instead, he began to observe the industrial development over a continuous period, thinking that through continuous observation, he would better find out the true value of a brand.

He soon learned about the brand of MR.FUTURE. After following this brand for several months, he found that the brand image of MR.FUTURE fully met his expectations for a cooperating brand, in terms of its enterprise development strategy, scale, team, and marketing terminal. Mr. Wang decided to pay a visit to MR.FUTURE to find out why the brand had been able to develop so rapidly. After visiting the Chengdu headquarters of MR.FUTURE, Mr. Wang decided to join MR.FUTURE.

Within three months, the number of terminal stores increased from zero to two, and thanks to effective marketing and promotion, the retail sales exceeded CNY 500,000.
Quality benchmark, easy premium

MR.FUTURE ®has entered countless households

For every one MR.FUTURE® unit sold, there is one less family suffering from haze pollution.

Application cases

Fresh air purification is applicable to enterprises, institutions, engineering projects, nursing homes, sports centers, fitness centers, etc.

  • kindergarten
  • Entertainment place
  • Hotel
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