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99% of convention is dwarfed by 1% of originality
1% of future comes from 100% of nature

At present, 99% of air purifiers employ the conventional purification mode of internal circulation, which leads to a rise of the indoor concentration of CO2. If you open the windows for ventilation, the level of PM2.5 will rise instantly, and purification will fail. The most undesirable weakness of a conventional purifier is that it cannot protect our respiratory health.?

MR. FUTURE fresh air purifier adopts a fresh air purification mode of internal and external circulation. While purifying the indoor air, it passes the natural air extracted from outdoors through such processes as PM 2.5 purification and sterilization before the air is transmitted into the rooms. So oxygen can constantly fill the whole room. You can enjoy the clean air of the nature without opening the window. So this is our product, what a real purifier should be.

It truly improves air quality at home

Purifying 640 m³/h, 2.80 million liters of fresh air is infused to your home

With a CADR value as high as 640 m³/h and a fresh air volume of 120 m³/h, every day, 2.80 million liters of forest air is infused into your home. With an extremely fast purifying speed, each MR. FUTURE air purifier is suitable for a space of around 80 ㎡ and can thoroughly purify the space every 12 minutes. Instantly, it will make you feel as refreshing in your room as in a forest.

MR. FUTURE, a guard for health of your families With Micro-positive Pressure
MR. FUTURE fresh air purifier thoroughly cleans PM 2.5 from the outdoor air and keeps infusing the clean air into the rooms. This can not only fill the rooms with sufficient oxygen, but also generate a micro-positive pressure which is slightly higher than the external atmospheric pressure. The generated exhaust gas will be discharged through each gap and existing air vents of the architecture. Meanwhile, the pressure difference can prevent polluted outdoor air cannot from entering the rooms.

With a Design Inspired by Aircraft Engine

Looking simple, modern and technological, with its nice arc design and strong aerodynamic power, MR. FUTURE exhibits the artistic beauty of cutting-edge industry and improves the effect of air purification and exchange to the greatest extent. Users can enjoy a wonderful experience in both performance and design from its nice, neat, simple and rigorous design.

Double curve design and complex manufacturing process beyond imagination.

  • 5-inch HD screen

    The simple and nice UI visual interface enables you to adjust parameters conveniently according to your needs. The data of each index can be displayed in real time, so the air quality is clear at a glance.

  • Aesthetic turbine air outlet grid

    A strong air whirl blows out of the aesthetic turbine air outlet grid and effectively sprays to the ceiling, so that the air current circulation can cover widely.

  • A generator of ten-million anions

    Combined with a powerful anion generator, the fresh air system fills every m³ of air with tens of millions of anions. The anions boast an extremely good purification effect, which are known medically as “Vitamin of air”. As a care specialist, MR. FUTURE enables you to breathe medical grade refreshing oxygen.

    1. Dust removal
    2. educing harmful passive smoking
    3. Improving and preventing respiratory diseases
    4. Improving sleep
    5. Anti aging
    6. Reduce
  • Ebmpapst draught fan imported from Germany

    bmpapst draught fan, a global leader of draught fan technology, applies RadiCal patented technology of backward centrifugal fan. It boasts a dynamic force as powerful as a flying turbine and runs at a speed of 2,500 rounds/min. Combined with the new-type air outlet net, it can continuously and steadily give out a strong refreshing air flow. An experience of pureness starts instantly in a quiet environment.

    Imported from Germany with original packaging
    Working stably for ten years
  • Infiltration filter S-shaped air duct

    The air can stay in the S-shaped air duct for a long time and be filtered by hundreds of billions of active purification factors, which are not discharged until it’s pure and clean.

    Innovative tower style purification structure

    The main components form an innovative tower structure. Through the unique fresh air valve and all-side air-intake grids,
    the air enters a vertical streamlined duct in which air ascends easily. The air of the whole house can be purified easily in this way.

  • All-side air-intake grids

    Metal matte silver ring into the wind grille, surrounded by the wind,
    the rapid introduction of indoor and outdoor natural air, which will help achieve the whole house air circulation.

Eight patents

A pursuit of perfection is a practice of faith

Purely physical filter avoids secondary pollution

MR.FUTURE ®adopts a purely physical filtering mode, which is internationally recognized as the most pragmatic and pollution-free filtering mode. In the course of purification, it does not generate ozone ions and can avoid chemical and other secondary pollution.

nfiltration filter S-shaped air duct

The air can stay in the S-shaped air duct for a long time and be filtered by hundreds of billions of active purification factors, which are not discharged until it’s pure and clean.

  • Harmful gas
  • PM2.5
  • dusts
  • pollen
  • passive smoking
  • Allergen
  • Animal furs and hairs
  • Harmful chemicals
  • 0.3μm small particles
  • Harmful benzene

The annular composite filter with an extended area of 6.5 ㎡

With a super large annular double filter, compared with conventional rectangular filter, a cylindrical filter can bear a larger area of wind. The filter paper’s extended area is 6.5 ㎡, which is far larger than that of a conventional purifier. It can contain more dusts, with a higher filtering efficiency and a longer service life.

Primary filter paper can completely
purify large particles 

With a strict selection of materials and design, the primary filter  paper’s purification effect is far better than general products, which can  completely remove fur and hair and clothing fiber, and so on and totally purify  large particles such as dusts and pollen, and protect the HEPA filter.

Activated carbon formaldehyde CADR value 251m³/h

It can absorb up to 99% of harmful gas. The catalyst style Sri Lanka coconut-shell quality activated carbon and TVOC catalyst are sintered together, which can quickly remove the odors. Formaldehyde CADR value reaches 251 m³/h, which is far better than the performance of conventional purifiers and can absorb up to 99.99% of harmful gas such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia gas in 2 hours.

H13 level HEPA filter reaching a medical standard

Far better than the configuration of a conventional purifier, Japanese Toray H13 medical-level HEPA efficient filter can effectively filter up to 99.99% of PM2.5 and up to 99.97% PM0.3 that can directly enter the blood, which is close to medical grade standard.

Antibiotic and anti-allergic filter safeguards the health of your families at the source of bacteria

Special patented materials are added into the anti-allergic filter, which can wrap up and clear the allergens in the air to protect you from the action of allergens. In addition, it can effectively reduce the amount of allergy-arousing matters.

Filer screen replacement without waste

The common port designs featuring identical heights and diameters enable you to choose a combination of filters suitable for your needs at any time

Based on the consumption level of filter under different environments, MR. FUTURE displays the real-time use and automatically alerts you to replace the filter. To save the expenditure of households, a more pragmatic structure of upper and lower filter is adopted. The filter can be fully utilized and purchases are made according to the needs without any waste.。


Upper layer

The upper layer of antibiotic and anti-allergic filter is replaced together with the effective HEPA filter, which is strict with quality..

Lower layer

The lower layer of primary filter is replaced together with activated carbon, which can cut the cost.

Filter element

apan Toray, a world famous supplier of filter elements
Exclusively designed for high-end brands
With two patents of more efficient parallel filter elements/p>

A smart calculation of filter usage

The mobile APP can show the real-time usage of each layer of filter and smartly alert the user to replace the filter

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