install service
  • Stable packaging to ensure safety

    MR.FUTURE provides a stable base plate for every machine in logistic transport, thus preventing goods from accidentally falling down during transport and protecting the all-in-one precise air blower mechanism in the machine.

  • Quake-proof packaging for a single unit

  • Quake-proof packaging for multiple units

  • National Distribution

    MR.FUTURE combine national logistics to ensure that each machine can be delivered to your home as quickly as possible.

  • Specialized team to provide swift on-site installation

    MR.FUTURE has a specialized after-sale service team and cooperates with JD and Suning. After you receive your product, MR.FUTURE will provide swift on-site installation service at your home.

MR.FUTURE attaches great importance to home life aesthetics and invented patented tools that facilitate dustless installation without damaging home decoration. MR.FUTURE also provides creative lens-style fresh air tube components that prevent installation, machine use, and drilling from affecting your home decoration or walls.
  • Patented components, invented to prevent installation from damaging home decoration
  • Creative lens-style fresh air tube components
  • Original decorative cover components
  • Tool preparation
  • Dustless drilling
  • Clean wall surface after drilling
  • Installation of fresh air tube components completed
  • Perfect combination of pipes and wall surface
  • Original decorative cover to ensure elegance after machine removal
After-sales service
MR.FUTURE provides customers with complete after-sale services on a regular basis, including filter screen cleaning, return visits for user feedback, etc., to ensure the best user experiences.