Large-airflow pipeless fresh air purification machine
Dustless installation can be completed within 20 minutes, without any damage to home decoration, and air purification takes effect immediately





Fresh air












Designed for large-space air purification

The fresh air volume of 550m³/h can meet the fresh air demand of 18 adults indoor. It is specifically designed for large spaces such as schools, hospital offices, villas, etc.

Fresh air volume of 0-550m³/h, with intelligent constant oxygen supply

The built-in Android system analyzes the indoor PM2.5 concentration and CO2 concentration in real time and intelligently adjusts the air volume, making sure that the indoor CO2 concentration stays below 1000PPM (WHO standard), regardless of increases or decreases in the number of people in the room. Thus, an indoor environment of oxygen enrichment is maintained.
This is the only fresh air purification machine in the industry to use a complete HD touchscreen. Its display and operation experiences are perfect. It’s more intelligent and easier to use.

Integrating five high-precision sensors to visualize air

Five high-precision sensors are integrated: laser dust sensor, electrochemical gas sensor, TVOC sensor, CO2 sensor (imported from Sweden), and temperature and humidity sensor. Together they serve as a specialized air quality detector to precisely obtain various indoor air quality indicators and display them in real time on a 5.5-inch HD touchscreen.

Six layers of filtering; PM2.5 filtering rate = 99.99%

The preliminary filter screen and F8 intermediary filter screen can effectively ward off large particulate matters, such as hair and dust; the honeycomb-type new-formula active-carbon particle filter screen weighs 3kg and can effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, and other pollution gas and odors generated from home decoration; the medical-grade UVC sterilization technique can effectively eliminate germs, viruses, spores, fungi, and other harmful bacteria in the air; the Japanese Toray medical-grade H13 HEPA filter screen provides the purification efficiency of up to 99.99% for PM2.5 as well as PM0.3. The purification rate of the entire machine is superb.

Unfolded filter screen area of 17 m2, CCM value 9 times higher than the new international standard

Toray medical-grade H13 HEPA filter screen
The filtration rate of PM0.3 is over 99.97%.%

Far better than the configuration of a conventional purifier, Japanese Toray H13 medical-level HEPA efficient filter can effectively filter up to 99.99% of PM2.5 and up to 99.97% PM0.3 that can directly enter the blood, which is close to medical grade standard.

Honeycomb catalytic formula activated carbon filter
Effective adsorption decoration pollution.

The honeycomb catalytic formula activated carbon particle weighs 2.6Kg and can quickly remove odors from the air.Formaldehyde CADR value reaches 220m m³/h, far exceeding the performance of traditional purifier, and powerful removal of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other decoration pollution gas.
Aluminum alloy body,
with curved round angles and high-class
automobile metal paint spraying
  • Warning of excessive pollution
  • Air quality history inquiry.
  • Alert of excessive CO2
  • Filter screen replacement reminder.
Equipped with MR.FUTURE FCS (Future Cloud Control System),The MR.FUTURE FCS can calculate indoor air quality indicators on cloud and intelligently adjust the air volume. It can also intelligently keep track of the indoor air quality and offer the best solution. Besides, the FCS can monitor the usage of filter screens in real time and remind users to replace them in time. It’s more environmentally friendly and more economical.

Ebm-papst ,World market leader for energy-saving fans and motors

  • Ebm-papst

  • 2500RPM

  • Motor 10-year warranty

1200m³/h power