The air purifier with a metal body is a rival to international brands
Not destroy the decoration immediately upgrade the fresh air




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Perfect combination of classicality, simplicity, and practicality
High-end design

The machine inherits the unique design of MR.FUTURE, featuring the international home life style of both classicality and simplicity.
The perfect combination of aesthetic design ideas and practicality makes each MR.FUTURE machine a household artwork that is full of life pleasures and life aesthetics.

The built-in laser dust sensor and high-precision TVOC sensor can accurately measure the PM2.5/PM10, formaldehyde, and benzene concentrations in each m3 space and display the air quality measurements in real time, so that you can clearly see air quality and purification efficiency.

Central control via a rotary knob

The special remote control APP of MR. FUTURE
The MR.FUTURE FCS can calculate indoor air quality indicators on cloud and intelligently adjust the air volume. It can also intelligently keep track of the indoor air quality and offer the best solution. Besides, the FCS can monitor the usage of filter screens in real time and remind users to replace them in time. It’s more environmentally friendly and more economical.

Unfolded filter screen area of 17 m2, CCM value 9 times higher than the new international standard

Far better than the configuration of a conventional purifier, Japanese Toray H13 medical-level HEPA efficient filter can effectively filter up to 99.99% of PM2.5 and up to 99.97% PM0.3 that can directly enter the blood, which is close to medical grade standard.

Honeycomb catalytic formula activated carbon filter
Effective adsorption decoration pollution.

The honeycomb catalytic formula activated carbon particle weighs 2.6Kg and can quickly remove odors from the air.Formaldehyde CADR value reaches 220m m³/h, far exceeding the performance of traditional purifier, and powerful removal of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other decoration pollution gas.

1200m³/h power

Ebmpapst draught fan imported from Germany

  • Germany EBM

  • 2500RPM

  • Motor 10-year warranty

Upgradable fresh air system to meet various purposes

Fresh air accessory interfaces are reserved for adaptation to accessories of MR.FUTURE FNP-830-X1 equipment. In other words, the fresh air purification machine can be easily upgraded to provide the fresh air volume of up to 120m³/h. You can use it wherever and however you want.