The epoch-making MR. FUTURE

All innovations disobeying rules start with rules
And end in new rules

Design a real air purifier for your families

Mr. clear when he bought a purifier:
A conventional purifier is just a pacifier in the era of haze, for it only purifies air but does not supply fresh air. What protects your respiratory health is a totally different system, the fresh air system. The purifier desired by the husband is one that combines fresh air system and air purifier. The husband believes that for the health of families, a real purifier must be omnipotent: it must take in fresh air, and thoroughly purify PM2.5. You won’t feel depressed however long the windows are closed and your home will be infused with clean and natural air all the time. Each index of air must be reflected in numbers, so that the air quality can be identified easily. Its operation should withstand the test of time. Only in this way can his annoyance and worries be eliminated.

It is just the first step when all preparations are finished.

urpassing the tradition doesn’t mean opening new fields. Long perfection-seeking efforts are required to achieve a creation. Our longest modification has taken half a year.。

Adhering to the original intention, the husband chooses a fresh air purifier for family. Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Not all air purifiers supply fresh air

Suitable groups

  • Pregnant women

  • Infants & kids

  • People with a sensitive respiratory system

  • People in pursuit of high quality

  • Households living near traffic arteries

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